• Westfield by Quest

    Westfield by Quest is a partnership between two outdoor leisure companies.

    Westfield is a high end German brand sold all over Europe who are backed by the largest and most professional outdoor manufacturer in China.

    Quest are a UK company who have been supplying the outdoor leisure trade with their own, exclusive products for over 30 years. The two companies have combined to bring you the best in high end manufacturing and processing from Westfield, combined with the expertise, exclusive designs and unrivalled support of Quest in one perfect partnership : Westfield by Quest.

    Enhanced support:

    Not only do you get all of these benefits, but due to our unique partnership you get enhanced European support. This means if you have an issue even if you are away on holiday in Europe, we will endeavour to sort you out in the country you are in. We do not wait for you to come back, we help resolve the issue there and then on holiday, allowing you to continue enjoying yourself.


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