Why choose Halleys Burnhouse Caravans for your awning purchase?

Here at Halleys Burnhouse Caravans, we strive to match your expectations for not only touring caravans but for the accessories which go along with it.

We have a huge range of awnings both in stock and to order, catering for all sizes of caravan and budgets from various manufacturers well known throughout the touring community.

  • There's a Kampa awning for everyone

    No one has more experience of lightweight and inflatable awnings than Kampa. The creator of the Kampa range was responsible for the very first lightweight awnings and for many of the designs available in the market today across Europe.

  • Popular Dorema Awning Categories Include

    • Full Awnings
    • Porch Awnings 
    • Side Annexe
    • Sun Canopy

    Darren Butlin (Managing Director of Dorema UK) opening remarks in the 2018 Dorema Collection Catalogue -

  • Westfield by Quest is a partnership between two outdoor leisure companies.

    Westfield is a high end German brand sold all over Europe who are backed by the largest and most professional outdoor manufacturer in China.

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